Abigail of Brown County | L.O. Griffith Paintings

L.O. Griffith (1875-1956)

L.O. Griffith or "Griff", as his friends called him, visited Brown County for ten years before he decided to move there in 1922. He loved painting and etching the hills. He married Carolyn Maulsby in 1920 and in 1922 they had a son, Richard. Mr. Griffith studied at St. Louis School of Fine Arts and the Art Institute of Chicago. He also produced art work in his travels to France, England, New York and Mexico. He became interested early on in copper etching. He was nationally known for his work with aquatints. He won many awards and exhibited many places. His prints were on exhibit at the SMITHSONIAN in 1945, and are still in their collection. He designed the Abigail doll face and his wife hand painted them in oils. He was active in the Brown County Art Gallery and Guild throughout his time in Nashville until his death in 1956.