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The Original Abigail Doll

Abigail has been bought and passed down through generations for over 75 years. She is stuffed with history and has become a reminder of a simpler time.

The Abigail Doll is entirely handmade in Colorado.

From head to toe, Abigail is reproduced as she always has been, in linen, muslin and calico. Standing 19" tall in her pioneer style dress with pantalets and sea grass bonnet, Abigail is authentic to the frontier time of the early 1800's. Each Abigail has a hand painted face designed by a famous artist, L. O. Griffith.  Abigail, the book and Portia Sperry, the author both have a story to tell. This is what makes Abigail unique in the doll market today.

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Red Doll

The Authentic Abigail Doll

    Cloth Doll: Arms and legs crafted as to be easily moved
    Pioneer Style Dress: Blouse and skirt in cotton calico, put together with hooks, eyes, snaps and buttons
    Apron: Linen with "redwork" embroidery
    Pantaloons: Muslin
    Cloth Face: Hand-painted
    Hair: Cotton with bangs, braids and bows
    Bonnet: Combines calico and sea grass brim with calico tie
    School Slate: School slate hangs from her wrist saying "Abigail of Brown County"
Green Doll